Closeout Buying & Sales

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Closeout Buying

Wholesale Price Merchandise specializes in buying closeout, toys, clothing, shoes, bedding, restaurants equipment, furniture, home decor, art, school supplies, hair accessories, beauty supplies, candles, Fragrance, perfumes, makeup, jewelry, food, medicine, kitchenware, electronics, overstock, liquidation, and discontinued inventory. We are always looking for new closeout items to add to our inventory and we carry merchandise at all price points, from dollar store merchandise to high-end consumer items. We buy all types products including tools, toys, housewares, gifts, home decor, novelties, pet supplies, school supplies, baby products, party goods, and all other non-consumable wholesale closeouts.

If you have a wholesale lot of closeouts you would like to sell, please give us as much detailed information about each item as possible, including prices, quantities, and pictures (if available). Let us know your lowest price for each item and our buying team will get you immediate answers. Wholesale Price Merchandise makes selling your closeouts incredibly easy because we think fast, act fast, and pay fast.

Liquidate your closeout inventory quickly to a reputable, and hassle-free closeout buying company.  Please complete the closeout submission form or call Mark Wholesale Price Merchandise, our closeout buyer, at (855) 500-0085