Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What if I am exporting to another country? Do I need a resale certificate?

In lieu of a resale certificate we must have from your freight forwarder the vessel freight booking receipt. Then when the order is shipped we must have the BOL from the vessel showing the final destination.

What if I don’t have a resale certificate?

If you don’t have a taxpayer ID# that allows you to be tax exempt we require that you still fill out the resale certificate for your state and write TAXABLE CUSTOMER on the top left corner so that we have a record with your signature and information of the type of business/ transaction we will have with you. All business types apply, non-profit or individual included.
You can find the forms here. If you don’t see a form for your state please use the Multijurisdiction form and submit that.

How long can I expect to wait before I am contacted by my sales rep?

As soon as possible due to workload.

Can I place an order by fax or over the phone?

For existing customers we strongly recommend registering on the web and submitting your order there. If that is not an option then email or fax; NO PHONE ORDERS ARE ACCEPTED.
New Customers must register online. During the registration process you will be prompted to upload your resale certificate. This certificate is for folks that have a resellers permit. The form that we need can be found here. We need one form for every state in which you would like to ship to. If you don’t a resale certificate on file your account will be counted as taxable. Also NO PHONE ORDERS.

Do you have a downloadable product feed?

We do not.

Do you offer direct order fulfillment, otherwise known as dropshipping?

We do not offer dropshipping services.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantity is $2,500 for deliveries. We do make exceptions on showroom pickup orders.

Do your products have any restrictions that would prohibit them from being sold on online marketplaces?

If there are, we are not aware of them. We don’t typically work with online marketplaces.

Do you have any requirements for Amazon Resellers?

No. Except, if you would like to be tax exempt you’ll have to submit a form for the state in which you have it and will ship to. You can find the reseller certificate forms here. If you do not see a form for your state please use the multijurisdictional form.

What do you need from us to create an account?

You need to register for an account via our website, Once you submit your first order you will be assigned a sales representative who will be able to help you through the rest of our process.

What is BW's Return Policy?

Return Policy: The original receipt is required for All Returns. No exceptions. ALL CLAIMS must be reported within 2 business days of original purchase. (This includes shortage claims and damaged goods.) ALL RETURNS must be made within 5 business days of original purchase. ALL MERCHANDISE must be returned in its original packaging and condition. WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON ANY SEASONAL MERCHANDISE. To submit a claim, fill out the claims form and send to your sales representative

Why can't I pay for my order online?

As a wholesale company we manage sizeable payment amounts, in order to provide the safest form of payment transaction we process all our payments directly through our Accounts Receivable department.

How can I pay for my order?

Once the order is processed and approved by the customer, your sales representative will guide you through the payment process. We DO NOT take any payment information over the phone. Payment methods include: Cash, Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Discover), Wire Transfer or Direct Deposit. We DO NOT accept checks.

Can I buy by the piece?

We do not sell by the piece, we are a wholesaler, all merchandise is prepackaged and sold by the case.

Do you have seasonal merchandise in-stock year round?

Wholesale Price Merchandise carries merchandise for all major holidays including Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Summer.

What kind of merchandise does Wrcgs sell?

Wholesale Price Merchandise offers a wide variety of name brand USA made closeouts and re-orderable merchandise, import and domestic. We cater to retailers, export companies, and other distributors, both local and nationwide. Our inventory includes grocery, beverage, candy, seasonal and party supplies, toys, office & school supplies, health & beauty, apparel, housewares, kitchen supplies, household cleaning, garden and hardware.

Why should I purchase from Wholesale Price Merchandise?

Wholesale Price Merchandise is a full service wholesaler and dollar supplies store; our inventory offers the largest assortment of quality products in the industry. Our team of experienced sales representatives are happy to discuss top selling items based on industry trends to increase your business sales.

Where does my order ship from?

All our merchandise ships from either our California or Texas Distribution Center, depending on your location.

Does Wrcgs sell/ship overseas?

Wholesale Price Merchandise does sell to overseas customers provided all the required documents are provided and the customer can arrange their own carrier.

Does Wrcgs offer free shipping?

Wholesale Price Merchandise does not offer Free Shipping. Sales representatives will your quote freight with our discount rates. Free Delivery Policy: Wholesale Price Merchandise offers Free Delivery on qualifying $2,500 minimum orders deliverable within a 20-mile radius of our Los Angeles Distribution Center.